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What does the price include?

Each ticket includes a welcome drink and your food. The number of courses depends on the theme of the event. Every feast is different, so details will be provided in advance.


Where is it?

We will announce the geographical area in advance, but each feast will be in a secret location, revealed the day before the event. It could be anywhere from a field to a ballroom, so we’ll make sure you have enough information to know what to wear and what you’re in for. We are also always hunting for new unusual, unexpected or all-out spectacular places to use for our feasts, so if you have something in mind, we’d love you to share it with us.


What am I eating?

While there will be plenty of clues on each feast description when it will be released to understand if the food is suitable for you, the menu itself will be revealed at the event. We always try to champion local, seasonal and humble ingredients, but the element of surprise is a key part of the fun.


What about dietary requirements?

While we try to accommodate everyone, it really depends on the feast. You will get information regarding dietary requirements from each feast description once tickets will be released and there will be a detailed list of allergens. In case it is still unclear, please do send us an enquiry with any particular questions or requirements.


How about drinks?

Every event is also different on the drinks front. We might ask you to bring drinks or we may be able to sell them on location. If we are selling drinks on the premises, we ask that you do not bring your own. Details will be on each feast description once tickets will be released.


What happens if it rains?

If the event is being held outdoors, we will normally have a back-up solution in place.


How long does the experience last?

It depends on the feast, some might be a couple of hours, some might be longer, or just spontaneously escalate with music and fun. We always recommend not committing to anything afterwards, to avoid leaving early and missing out.


Can I bring the kids?

We love kids. We have kids. So we often try to accommodate kids. However, some events won’t be suitable for them, due to time, menu, location or practicalities. When we announce a feast, we’ll let you know if it’s child-friendly.


Do you accept group bookings?

There’s a maximum of two tickets per order, but do send us an email if you have a larger group you’d like to bring along and we’ll be happy to discuss it further. 


What if I need a bespoke event?

We love to collaborate on interesting events, whether it’s a proposal on the beach, a banquet in a meadow or a big birthday for friends. Send us an email if you’d like us to feed your event. 


Can I bring my pet?

Dogs on the beach, probably. Ferrets in a ballroom, not so much. Each event announcement will specify whether or not it’s suitable for pets.


Do you provide catering in other locations?

From fashion shoots to corporate events and weekend experiences, send us an email. We’d love to talk. 


How do payments, refunds and cancellations work?

We ask that you pay in full to secure your place. Any cancellations will need to be made a minimum of seven days before the event to secure a refund.

In the rare case that we have to cancel the event for unforeseen reasons, your fee will of course be refunded in full.

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