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Previous Feasts


The Old Fire Station in Ramsgate was the setting for a night of blowtorched mackerel, slow-cooked ox cheeks, curried chicken bonbons and chilli-spiked chocolate torte with 3000 twinkling lights and 45 excellent people.

The Glass Onion

The magical Italianate Glasshouse played host to a flower-covered crowd, a lot of fairy lights and an inventive vegetarian menu which included nori and leek terrines, injectable puris, asparagus éclairs and onion tarte tatin. 


A pre-Christmas seafood extravaganza in the Home for Smack Boys on Ramsgate Harbour. Oysters, octopus salad, pickled mussels and wakame eaten straight off the rocks. Crab bisque with red mullet, samphire and crouton. With sailor’s knot lessons, ice lollies, catsuits and pudding to follow.

Great Expectations

Holiday home and inspiration to Charles Dickens, Bleak House is a staggering building overlooking Viking Bay. We threw a candlelit autumnal feast in the Great Expectations room, full of chicken parfait profiteroles, pheasant and chestnut croquetas, beautiful local farm vegetables and nods to the big man and his books.

Beach Feast

A pirate takeover of an East Kent beach. Flat irons, flatbreads and newspaper sea bass on the homemade barrel barbecues. Prawns dunked in green sauce and aioli. A deckchair striped table. Sand instead of chairs. And packed away ten seconds before the heatwave exploded into a thunderstorm.

Asparagus Feast

Five courses of the best spears Sevenscore farm has to offer. Steamed with crispy duck eggs and hollandaise, chilled in a soup with pickled radishes, folded into risotto with a bacon crumb. And all washed down with a healthy dose of spritz and sunshine.

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